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Website Spotlight – Harrisons

Website Spotlight – Harrisons

Harrison’s on Third is a successful local bar/restaurant located in the Victorian Village part of Columbus Ohio. The owners of the establishment were in the process of opening a second location on Kenny Road, very close to Northern Upper Arlington.

The owners made the decision that with the new bar, they should build out a new website that would be the presence for both of their establishments. 2029 Web Design, LLC won the contract and the honor of working with the owners in designing a website that was functional, attractive, and mobile friendly.

One of the challenges of the project was that the site needed to reflect both of the locations, and have an easy way to navigate to either of the locations. It was decided that the home page should reflect and describe both locations, with descriptions of both establishments.

In terms of call to action functionality, they decided their menu (both locations share the same menu) and their weekly specials would be the best place to drive visitors looking to go out for a night on the town. We accomplished this by using photos of some of their food under a banner on the home page.

The navigation of the site needed to be simple, as again, this website is not only representing one establishment. We decided to break it down using simple drop-down menus, one for the location in Victorian Village and one for the Arlington establishment.

The site has been a success, and is currently being managed by employees at both establishments via the CMS interface by wordpress.

If you ever are looking for some good food, atmosphere and a fun place to hangout, check out either Harrison’s location, we can tell you from experience, you will not be disappointed!

Harrison’s New Website

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