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CMS Membership Roles – Our Client Midwest Foods Assoc.

CMS Membership Roles – Our Client Midwest Foods Assoc.

Midwest Foods Association is a group of egg producers and processors, whose members band together to purchase packaging materials. The organization needed a new website that could facilite two new needs. The first was to make sure the site could be updated by multiple people in the organization, the Content Management System (CMS) needed to be simple. Second the site needed to have multi-level membership roles, as it has various user types, and those user types determine the content that is available to them.

Membership access roles in wordpress CMS

The membership access roles for the new site are from a front-end perspective only. There is only one administrative type of user on the backend. On the front end there are 3 different user types. The first is public, who has limited access to the content available and for which no login is required. The second is user level A, who have access to about 1/3 of the total data available. The third and final front-end user type B has access to all data on the front end. 2029 Web Design used a third party plugin to get the required result. The plugin allows the admins. to add/edit/delete user roles and content access with the ease of a few toggles. The site has been a success from an end user role view and from an administrative view as well.

WordPress as the CMS of choice

Midwest Foods Assoc. needed to have a CMS that they could train multiple people, in multiple locations on how to use. WordPress was the CMS we decided upon, as in our experience, it is the easiest for the non-professional to use. The overall training went very well and consisted of 2 meetings with approximently 3 point people from the organization involved. The three point people then are armed with the data to train others in the organization on an as-needed basis. 2029 Web Design, LLC also provides support for the life span of the website, as we do with all of clients, if there are any questions about the management of the CMS website.

2029 Web Design was able to deliver on all fronts for the organization, and we recently launched the new site, and completed all of the neccessary training to those members who will be taking an active role in the management of the site.

View the live CMS for Midwest Foods Association

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