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Web Design Spotlight- Attorney Greco At Law

Web Design spotlight- Attorney Greco At Law

Attorney Anthony Greco is a Columbus Ohio Divorce and family law Attorney located in Columbus Ohio. 2029 Web Design was hired to do a complete overhaul on their website,

Web Design Process

We started the process with several meetings with Mr. Greco and his staff. The people at Anthony W. Greco law had a very solid vision of what they wanted their website to be, both in terms of how the web design itelf, but also in terms of content and navigational structure. We went through the web design process over the course of the next 2 weeks until everything on the moch-ups was pinned down, and accepted by the client, from design to navigation.

Blog Navigation

Mr. Greco and his staff already had an extensive blog running and planned to continue to add to it. One of the issues we needed to tackle was how to make the numerous entries accessible and easy to navigate. We came to the conclusion that an accordian style menu on the right sidebar made the most sense. In collaberation with Mr. Greco and his staff, the blog was categorized into 3 main parts: Family Law, Business Law, and Criminal Law. The flexability of the accordian menu empowered the end-user to expand or collapse any one of the broad category topics to then reveal the posts created under any given category. It was decided that we would, by default, have the “Family Law” section open to reveal all posts under that category.

SEO and Launch

Once the site was completed, we added in google analytics and almost immediately Mr. Greco began to see great improvements on his SEO results. We would like to thank Mr. Greco and his office for giving 2029 Web Design LLC the privledge of creating and maintaining his website. We look forward to continuing the successful journey with them.

Visit their website here:

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