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About Us

Company History

2029 Web Design – Who We Are as a Web Design Company

2029 Web Design is a small web design company that helps our clients get impressive results from their websites. Our approach is simple. We believe what matters about a company’s website is not how pretty it is or how clever the programming is, it’s how successful the site is. We have been a full time, full service web site development firm for 12 years. We have stayed in business not only due to our expertise in the field of web development, but due to our customer service. We believe success in business is not complicated, and it comes down to 2 things, responsive communication with our clients and delivering results.

Our Process

Meeting, Page Flow and Structure

We have 12 years of experience in refining our work flow and process. We start with a meeting with the client to determine their goals. We start to look at other sites that are in the clients industry in varies cities in the US and around the world. We look at what some of these sites are doing right, and what they could do better. Starting the frame work of the design is a back and forth between the client, we graphically create ideas and send them over to the client for discussion. Once a design has been approved for all potential page types, we then begin the programming aspect of the project.

The navigation flow of any website is very important, we do extensive consulting on what the best structure for the client’s navigation will be. We look at “Call To Action” buttons and help define what those should be for the client. We look at the placement of those “Call To Action” functions and determine what the best verbage to use is. A successful website must be intuitive and easy to navigate, we are experts in this field.

Client Support

Client Relationships

We don’t look at our clients as companies, we look at them as people and business owners. We value our relationships with our clients, because the bottom line is, if they are successful then we will be successful. This relationship is key when it comes to content management systems. After our training with the client on how to update their website, they may have a question down the line. It is vital that we as a company are responsive to these questions and help the client as quickly as possible.

Our client relationships are vital to us as a web design company, a full 80% of our new business comes from referrals from existing clients. There is no better way to grow your business than through referrals from those who know what you do and how well you can do it. We have grown our business through our continued relationships with our clients and have celebrated success alongside with them.

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