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Web Design

Custom Web Design

Design Process

It all starts with what the customer wants to see. We will ask our clients to give us some examples of websites they like, from an aesthetic standpoint. These websites do not need to be related in any way to the clients current business.

Once we have seen what our clients like when it comes to website design, we start the process. 2029 Web Design will create 2-3 graphic examples of what the clients website could look like. These graphic examples look exactly like what the real website will look like, in terms of size, colors and appeal. After we send these to our client, we have a meeting to talk about the likes, and dislikes of the designs 2029 Web Design has come up with. These graphic examples are the pinnacle of the design phase, as we have found, without them, design is just too hard to talk about. We have found, just having something to analyze gets the design ball rolling much faster and with much more accurate results.

Once the review meeting is completed, we then start into the creation phase of the final design. We take the data from the client at the design review meeting, and we implement those thoughts into the new website design. Once this new design is completed, we send it off to the client for another review, and another meeting. Then we make the final adjustments, and the design phase is complete!

Mobile Responsive Design

Increase Web Visitors Experience

In todays world, you have to think about people on mobile devices. Google has directly stated it does not like 2 websites, as in one for deck top, one for mobile. Instead google prefers designers to use what is known as “responsive design”. In a nutshell, we program the websites to adhere and morph into the best possible user experience regardless of what device the end user is viewing the site on. If the visitor is using a phone to view the site, the site will morph to the proper display so the end user has the best experience possible for that device.

Optimized For Fast Page Loading

Speed is key on a mobile device. If you make someone wait for your content to load while they are on their phone, forget it, they will be gone. That is why it is imperative for the website to recognize it is on a mobile device and to make sure that any unwanted elements in that particular display are either optimized or removed. Speed is also now a criteria that many search engines are using, so speed has even a greater importance than ever.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

We use WordPress as the backbone for our CMS sites. We have tried over the years countless other CMS platforms and have come the realization that WordPress just does it better when it comes to power and simplicity. We find WordPress to the be the most user friendly of the bunch, and have had great success training non-technical people on how update and maintain their own websites for their business. Using a CMS has many advantages, the first is speed of an update, instead of emailing your web designer an update, you simply implement the update yourself. This not only saves your business time, but also money as well, as you don’t have to pay your designers hourly fees for those updates.

E-Commerce Development

The need to sell products online has become a reality in todays world. There are many solutions available to those who want to sell, and many variables to consider for your business. We offer a range of solutions that vary in terms of the their price and their flexibility. Our go to e-commerce solution is woo-commerce installed on a wordpress backbone. We find this solution to be the most intuitive for those who want to mange their own online store. The system handles items such as taxes, inventory, sales, coupons and has many other features that can enabled.

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